About us

Movida Transport Solutions is founded by ir. M. (Mirjam) Borsboom. With an engineering degree in both Industrial Engineering (bachelor) and Civil Engineering (master), she has learned to deal with complex multi-model, -actor, -systems problems and knows how to tackle these problems. With her ambitious drive and enthusiasm she is able to resolve problems in various environments and changing settings in a both quantitative and qualitative way.

During her studies she already worked on projects with large companies, such as Philips, A.T. Kearney and the Schiphol Group. Several new initiatives were set up, for example the participation to the classic sailing competition the Race of the Classics of Team Eindhoven.

In her professional career projects were focused within the field of mobility and carried out with for example (alphabetical order); ARANE consultancy, Delft Road Safety Course, Delft University of Technology, PPA, Rijkswaterstaat (executive part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment) and the Schiphol Group. You are kindly invited to visit the project page of this website or LinkedIn.

Movida Transport Solutions can be characterized as a small and personal engaged consultancy firm, working with various parties specially composed for each projects, with the focus on commitment and solving your issues or problems quickly and cost-effective. The independent way of working results in a no-nonsense approach and effective results.

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"Strategy is about seeing distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things"

Miyamoto Musashi
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